May 9th, 2008

Math Gaffe

Obama says he has visited every corner of the U.S., hitting 57 states as part of his campaign, with just "one left to go". 

Video and other links here.

I guess the 57 with 1 to go refers to the 58 contiguous states.  When you throw in Alaska and Hawaii that's 60.  You didn't know about the 10 new states?

The funny thing is that he's in the Senate.  You know - the legislative body with 100 members because there are 2 for each state?  Of course, it's his first term in the Senate, so maybe he hasn't gotten around to counting all the seats yet.

If there's more contiguous states than we already had,
Mexico and/or Canada will really be mad!

But the people who sell American flags will surely be glad.

Push Presents

There's a new trend called "push presents". Women get them from their mates for pushing babies out of their bodies.

Helen Smith isn't sure she likes the idea: is the expectation that one is to be reimbursed for the act of child-birth that is troubling here.
I do wonder if Michelle Duggar has been cashing in on this trend. She's pregnant with her 18th child.
With two sets of twins, Michelle, 41, has gone through 15 pregnancies that ended in 13 natural deliveries and two Caesarean sections.
Speaking of C-sections, there's no real pushing involved when they are of the scheduled variety. So do you still get a "push present"? Or would it be better to call it an "operation donation"?

Due to the size of the human infant's brain,
pushing out babies can be a giant pain.