May 15th, 2008

Library Empathy

You hold a book that unknown hands
have held before.  The pages fall
open at certain poems.  One lands
under your eye.  You read.  That's all?

Some person loved this verse, but why?
You read again.  A glimmer grows
as if dawn peeked across the sky,
and something in you feels it knows.

Differing Attitudes

They've picked all 12 jurors for the R. Kelly trial. The defense complained that black jurors were being rejected too much. There are now 4 black people on the jury.

Mary Mitchell isn't happy about it, but she writes that a lot of black women support Kelly:
When I talked about the upcoming R. Kelly trial during a recent segment of "Chicago Speaks," a radio program I co-host on Sunday mornings, several black women defended Kelly and blamed the alleged victim, pointing out that today's 14-year-old girls are developed physically.
I'm sure Kelly would like some of these callers on his jury!

Personally, I find this case has a high "ick" factor.  But I do wonder whether the callers had a point.

Some say it's best if you design
every law with a clear bright line.

But whether one is "old enough"
ventures into murky stuff.