May 20th, 2008

At Ella's Request

Yes, it's another unicorn poem, so if you don't like unicorns, you may want to skip this.

Unicorns are easy to find
in the corners of your mind,
and on the pages of picture books
which show you how the creature looks.

But if you go looking in the forest,
that's where your chances are the poorest.


Back in 1983, Chris Dunn and Pam Jensen were a famous couple. Why?  Because they had met online.  In an early version of a chat room.

It wasn't the internet yet.  It was an old proprietary dial-up network called CompuServe.  (And yes, I confess, I was a member.  It still exists, but it was a market leader back then.)

A lot of folks thought that this was a bad way for people to meet.  It couldn't possibly work! 

How could love at first byte
replace love at first sight?

Chris and Pam just celebrated their 25th anniversary.

And nowadays people think nothing at all
about meeting on somebody's facebook wall.