May 21st, 2008

House Finale

If you happened to see the finale of House M.D., would you agree with me that Anne Dudek ("Amber") did an astonishing acting job?

She performed
beyond the norm.
In fact, she seemed transformed.

And to think she played a ditzy heiress in White Chicks!

Adventures in Commuting

I saw a guy take a big chance today, running in front of an oncoming train that was very close and fairly fast.  If the guy had tripped or slipped, there would have been no getting up.  He would have been dead.

Why did he take the chance?  Because he wanted to get on the train.  And you can only board on one side.

The engineer laid on the horn and stopped a bit short of usual.  The guy nonchalantly joined the rest of us who were waiting to climb aboard.

The conductor chewed him out, but let him board.  The guy looked sort of unflappable.

When we got downtown, I saw the 3 railroad cops coming toward the disembarking crowd.  The conductor, who was walking along with the guy, loudly told the cops what the guy had done.

When he trotted in front of the fast-moving train,
I thought to myself - is this guy insane?

Arriving on time was his risk-taking quest,
but in the end he was under arrest.

Bag Checking Ka-ching!

American Airlines wants to charge people for checking luggage.  Any luggage.  As in 15 bucks for your first bag.  Although if you pay full fare, or you're a high-end frequent flier, it won't apply.  You're already paying them plenty!

American seems to be really crunched economically.  The problem is that jets are big oil-burning machines.  They're too expensive!

Here's an alternative we can afford:
an electric jet with a long, long cord.