May 23rd, 2008

Walking Away

Rebecca Walker is the daughter of Alice Walker, the famous feminist.  They don't get along so well.
You see, my mum taught me that children enslave women. I grew up believing that children are millstones around your neck, and the idea that motherhood can make you blissfully happy is a complete fairytale.
You can see where a child might not like hearing that.  And it appears Rebecca accepted this belief... for a long time.  But then something happened.
I love my mother very much, but I haven't seen her or spoken to her since I became pregnant. She has never seen my son  -  her only grandchild. My crime? Daring to question her ideology.
For those who believe reproduction is wrong,
it's tragic when grandkids come along.

She says she loves her mother, but it's not because she felt particularly treasured:
I came very low down in her priorities  -  after work, political integrity, self-fulfillment, friendships, spiritual life, fame and travel.
When your goals are oversized,
they must be kept prioritized!

Well, it sounds like her mom picked her priorities, and now has the unpleasant experience of being chewed out about it in print.

Many a famous writer has wrecked
family relationships through neglect.

Congratulations, John

I am reliably informed, from no other than himself, that my son has successfully defended his dissertation, thus earning a doctorate in mechanical and aerospace engineering from UCLA.

It can't be denied -
I'm puffed up with pride,

even though he was the one
who took to the task and got it done.