June 8th, 2008


When you're in favor of change,
folks shouldn't think it strange
if you modify positions
to suit your high ambitions.

5k Day

I got to shake hands with Ronald McDonald today.

I won my age group for a 5k that was raising money ($47,000) for a Ronald McDonald House in Oak Lawn, IL.

A professional photog snapped a shot of me and Ronald - with his shoes big and floppy.
I need to get a copy!

We had a clown-to-clown rapport.
Who could ask for anything more?

I also got to meet my congressman, Dan Lipinski, who ran quite a bit faster than me.  He won his own age group.  He seemed... perfectly normal.  It's always a shock when an elected official comes across that way.  Usually they seem to me like they're acting a bit.

I suppose it could be a really good act,
but I felt that's how he was in fact.