June 12th, 2008

The Gate Escape

Our fence is being replaced.  It's at an in-between stage, where the yard is not properly enclosed.  So our next door neighbor kindly invited our 2 retrievers over to play in her yard.  And play they did!

It turns out they were fond
of her pond,
and jumped right in to splash.

Then they made a dash,
knocking her gate open wide,
and running free outside.

Now they're back at home camp,
still smelly and damp.

Sticks and Stones will Break My Bones

The NY Times runs an article on the distinctiveness of the American right to free speech.  Not everyone they interviews really likes the way we run things here.
But merely saying hateful things about minorities, even with the intent to cause their members distress and to generate contempt and loathing, is protected by the First Amendment.
So... take men.  We're a minority.  Just barely, but still.  A minority with a lot of decision making power in various spheres, but a minority nonetheless.

Which is good news for anyone writing anti-male material including commercials.

If you use your pen
to say hateful things about men
the first amendment protects
attacks upon our powerful but disrespected sex!