June 16th, 2008

More than Zero

Honda has rolled out a few "zero emission" cars.  Actually, they do emit something - water vapor.

Sounds awfully clean.  But wait:
Water vapor is a naturally occurring greenhouse gas and accounts for the largest percentage of the greenhouse effect, between 36% and 66%.
So I'm just waiting for the "oh on second thought" articles from environmentalists.  It happened with paper bags. It happened with ethanol.

For now the Honda may seem
an ecological dream.

But wait till they notice it's pumping out deadly steam!

The Case of the Floating Feet

Disturbing news from British Columbia:
A fifth foot -- this one a left one -- has washed up on an island in the mouth of B.C.'s Fraser River.
The first 4 feet were all right ones, you see. 
So after this left one, we're due another 3.

I'm kind of worried about this.  I plan to visit Portland, Oregon, soon, and it's not all that far from British Columbia.

I like my feet.
When they're attached, I feel complete.

If they both were somehow gone,
what would I have to walk upon?