June 22nd, 2008


Doing the Du

I did the MetLife Duathlon this morning. You run 2 miles, you cycle 11, you run 2.

As I was closing in on the finish line, I started thinking: it's safe to slow down, since it's very unlikely that anyone in your age group is right behind you.

That was fatigue talking.  My critical brain was still functioning, slightly, and it countered: you know no such thing!

So I managed to crank it up a little.

It turns out there were 2 guys in my age group, breathing down my neck. Our finishing times were:
6 John Enright     55 M-55-59  1:12:21  
7 Chuck Wolske 55 M-55-59 1:12:27
8 Randall Thomure 59 M-55-59 1:12:30
We had a competitive race
for the honor of 6th place.