June 24th, 2008

"I'm Going To Miss You"

Josue Torres, age 8, was critically wounded in a drive-by shooting yesterday in a Chicago neighborhood.
As [he] was being wheeled into an operating room at Stroger Hospital late Monday, he turned to the doctors and nurses and said, "You guys have been so nice to me. When I die, I'm going to miss you," according to a hospital official.
He's not going to miss them.  They saved his life.  He's still in the pediatric ICU, but his prognosis is reportedly positive.

Damn you, thugs - learn to shoot straight.
Thank you, docs - your work is great.


Perhaps I need to elaborate my meaning.

We've got too many innocent bystanders taking bullets because the thugs, who usually mean to shoot each other, do not take the time to acquire their intended targets.  Perhaps they are bad shots, perhaps they are too scared to take their time aiming, or perhaps they just don't care.  Probably all 3.

They spray an area with lead
and extra people wind up dead.