August 7th, 2008

Athena's Girlhood

In the usual version of Greek mythology, Athena springs to life full grown from her father's forehead, a goddess of war and wisdom. 

You know that was a later story designed to cover something up: namely that her mother was neglectful and her father barely noticed her when she was small.

She always had to fight for what she wanted,
since no one cared to fight on her behalf.
Against the odds, she'd battle on undaunted.
When all seemed hopeless, she would simply laugh,
then look for some new way to win the day.

She found it hard to grasp, when she was grown,
that others loved her for herself alone,
not merely for the fighter she'd become,
not just for the abilities she'd honed,
but for the little girl that she had been,
for all that charmed and sparkled deep within,
merged with her courage into one great sum.