August 12th, 2008

Saving Face

Fakery at the Olympics so far:

1) the cute little girl who sang so well was lip-synching

2) the fireworks finale was CGI

Other than that, everything's on the square.

When your ruse is shattered
and logged for all to see,
it's egg that has been splattered
on your physiognomy.

UPDATE: NBC says they alerted viewers to the CGI fireworks.  But if you read the transcript that they are presenting in their own defense, it's very far from clear.  Costas calls it "almost animation."  I'm not sure what the "almost" is doing there except misleading viewers.

HALF-EXPECTED UPDATE: Perhaps when the little girl was singing, Costas said "It's amazing to see such a combination of singing and cuteness.  It's almost too perfect to be true."

The Right To Be Tracked

Well, this is interesting. The police are attaching GPS tracking devices to people's vehicles. Without warrants. And many judges are okay with it.

If I find one, do I have a right to attach it to a taxi?

I might say yes
to a cop GPS
if it also makes clear
which way I should steer.