August 19th, 2008


Hephaistos was the Greek god of technology, a god the others laughed at because his body was misshapen.  But their weapons came from his workshop.  I imagine he wasn't completely satisfied with this arrangement.  I wonder if he dreamed of turning the tables...

He had a limp
and so they laughed,
these gods,
so perfect,
so they thought.

But most of their magic
came from his craft.

Zeus's thunder,
Apollo's shafts,
Hermes' shoes with wings,
these wondrous things
made under his supervision
for their use.

He even knew a way to weave a net
so strong that War himself was firmly caught.

His reward?  Derision.

Someday perhaps
he'll have enough of jeers.

He'll clear out the lot,
flinging away
these empty gods,
these clanging pots,

and enshrine instead
what fills his head,
the power
of clever design.