September 1st, 2008

A Real Pro-Life Family

Sarah Palin's family is really anti-abortion.  Sarah chose to give birth to a child with Down Syndrome.  And her 17 year old daughter is pregnant and plans to keep the baby and marry the father.

Each made her choice and will live with it.  I hope this works out well for each of them, and I hope the children have good lives.

But I'm really unhappy with the thought of removing the right to make such choices.  And I gather Sarah Palin is in favor of such restrictive laws.

Although it doesn't exactly apply
to me, I have to say that I
would hate to lose
the right to choose.

Involuntarily Serving the Community

Remember when Michelle O. said: "Barack Obama will require you to work."?

Well, as Lindgren points out in detail, they mean it!  Mostly it's in the form of various "corps" required, or heavily "incentivized" for young people in school.

Althouse adds true words of wisdom:

School is work. Respect that work. Let them know that it is work, and it's their job. And when they are done, let them play. Let them have their free time. Don't appropriate any more of their time. How dare you!

Vast schemes
for mandatory service
always seem
to make me nervous.

Whew Orleans

New Orleans seems to have dodged the hurricane bullet.  Levees are holding so far.

But, wow, what a great job they did of evacuating this time.

There's nothing like recent disaster
to make you, next time, go faster.