September 21st, 2008

Rand vs. Baseball

Ayn Rand apparently had no special love of baseball. But there was one feature of the game that she singled out for use as a negative metaphor:

"Then you'll scream that money is evil. Evil, because it would not pinch-hit for your self-respect?"

" pinch-hitter can live your life..."

The first is uttered by Francisco, who was taught baseball by Dagny and Eddie. The second is uttered by John Galt.

In Atlantis, even the national pastime is different:

When they play baseball in the Valley,
no pinch-hitter ever starts a rally.

Freak Accident

Your family is sleeping when a helicopter crashes through your roof, slides down your stairs, out your front door, into your yard, where it bursts into flame.

It happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The 2 people in the copter were killed, but the 5 people in the house were unharmed. They were sleeping in bedrooms on either side of the stairway.

This seems like a once in a million thing.  But I'm on the flight path to Midway aiport.

I'm writing a letter
to Southwest:
If you must crash on my property,
I think the back yard would be best.