September 22nd, 2008

Issues, Schmissues

Early voting starts today in some states. It's statistically likely that some of the early voters will have passed away by Election Day. Which means that across the country, the votes of dead people will be counted.

So why do people make such fun of Chicago for letting the dead vote? We don't, really. That's a thing of the past. I swear. But here are the Republicans, trying to stick the "Chicago corruption" button on Obama with a new TV ad!

Why don't the Republicans stick to the issues?  Probably because Obama makes it hard for them.  He always goes for nuance.  He's hard to pin down.  He's like a butterfly.

You may think you have him.  But it turns out you didn't understand what he really meant the first time.

Lepidopterists keep trying,
but he just keeps on flying.