September 27th, 2008

High Tech

The Chinese space program is zooming along impressively. They have now pulled off their first space walk.

The NY Times observes: "Though it is called a space walk, the astronauts are really simply floating in space."

With no ground in place,
it's hard to really walk in space.

Or perhaps the Times means that the Chinese aren't using a "manned maneuvering unit" rocket pack yet.  I imagine that will come.  

A journey of a thousand miles,
begins with a single step.
And the Chinese are showing plenty
of staying power and pep.

After carefully saying that a space walk is not really a walk, I was amused to see the Times writer refer casually to an astronaut who reached his hand out "to touch outer space."

is a place
where there's nothing much
to touch,
but I'm sure he enjoyed
reaching into the Void.