September 30th, 2008

Guilt Emission and Remission

The NY Times ran a story about "eco-hypocrites". One interviewee declared:
I recycle 100 percent of what I possibly can so like now, there’s not one piece of paper goes in my bin, so that kind of makes feel less guilty about using my car as much as I do [and] flying as much as I do.
There it is.  It's not about doing what's allegedly good for the environment.  It's about the guilt!  Recycling is a ritual that lets him feel better, without actually giving up jet travel - which leaves a massive trail of CO2.

Many "greens"
behind the scenes
like to spew

Speaking of guilt, I've been reading Guilt, Blame, and Politics, by Allan Levite. miss_breeziness put me onto it. Levite's thesis is that altruism, plus high social status, equals a massive case of corrosive guilt - leading to rich people supporting socialist causes. It is documented with abundant examples.

When you hit them with guilt
the rich mostly wilt.

Few repel the assault
and tell you wealth is no fault.

Synchronicity City

All right. As of tonight, Chicago's 2 baseball teams are both in the playoffs. We could have a Red Line series.

The White Sox and the Cubs have played each other in the World Series before. Once. In 1906.

You know what this means.

They brawl in the street
when these ball teams meet,
so they'll need extra cops on the beat.