October 2nd, 2008

Biden and Palin Mix It Up

I sat through the whole debate, which is unusual for me.  I haven't listened to any pundits yet, but I thought the moderator seemed evenhanded, and I got the feeling the 2 candidates actually liked each other, which was a very strange development!

Of course, they both skipped all over the place, dodged questions, diverted attention, and came back over and over to their standard talking points. I think she attacked greed more than he did.

What exactly distinguishes greed
from a normal desire to succeed?

Do they think that greed is simply wanting too much?  Or do they think that greed is pursuit of wealth in reprehensible ways?  Those are very different ideas.  I think they get run together a lot.

I was really watching for big major mistakes from the VP candidates. I expected them to stumble. They were certainly awkward at times. But they came across as surprisingly normal to me and I don't know what to make of it. Maybe I'm getting excessively tolerant.

I didn't detect major gaffes
of the type that invite outright laughs.