October 10th, 2008

Sixties Deja Vu All Over Again

I really don't like "sixties" radicals.  I knew some of them.  Not the famous ones.  But I knew some at fairly close range, and I found them stupidly scary.  I got the sense, at the time, that they were unrealistically channeling their frustrations - and were willing to hurt people for the sake of the experience.

In 1972, at Columbia, when the radicals broke in the doors to Hamilton Hall, and broke into the Dean's office, I was right there.  Yeah, I went right inside the building, observing.

I may not have quite fit in with the crowd.  I remember a little neighborhood kid, wearing a crash helmet, asked me and my friend if we were narcs.

And I met a few of the people involved with the 1969 takeover at Cornell.  I met them a bit afterwards, that summer.

The 1968 Democratic Convention riots were in my hometown.  I skipped observing them because the police were busy smashing the heads of rioters and observers alike.  They were nondiscriminatory that way.  Still, I did talk to some of the protestors afterwards.

Which brings me to Bill Ayers:
I do not keep him in my prayers.

No, I've never met him.
But I think it's too bad that the Feds failed to get him.

In the Footsteps of Pheidippides

I'm tackling the Chicago Marathon Sunday.  

I hurt my right Achilles tendon somehow during the Chicago Triathlon, in August, and I'm not sure it's quite right yet for the distance.  So I'm taking a conservative approach to this 42k fun fest.

After all, about 40,000 people have signed up, and misery loves company. 

I'll jog slowly, or walk if I must.
But it's 26 miles or bust!


I guess this is part 2 of the love story from yesterday.

The morning came and they awoke together.
Dawn's slanting rays cracked through the curtain folds.
He wondered where he'd lost the clothes he'd worn.

She wondered what was in his mind, and whether
he meant to bolt away. She starts to scold
herself for giving in, and feels forlorn.

He rolls her way.  His pillow squirts a feather
into the air.  He catches it and holds
it out to her and says he has to warn

her that his heart, which had been quite untethered,
floating freely, lost and unconsoled,
feels it has found a place to be reborn.