October 11th, 2008

Invitation to a Play Reading

For the few readers of this who may be in the Chicago area... On Tuesday, 10/14, at 7pm, we're planning a reading of my play, Ready Or Not, at Dream Theatre Company, 556 W 18th St (at Canalport Ave).  This will be real live talented actors, who do amazing things with a script. It's free. The atmosphere will be highly informal.  It should be fun.  It should run around 90 minutes for the play itself.  Then I'm sure we'll have some conversation about it.  Reactions are welcome.  It was well received in its previous public reading.  My idea is to produce it soon.

Preliminary readings often result in script modification!

The setup is that a young businessman returns home after spending time in a Mexican prison.  He expects to be welcomed back, with open arms, by his wife and his employer.  He finds the situation more complicated than expected, and it keeps getting more complicated, with twists and turns.  It's serious, but often sometimes funny.  You could call it a dramedy.  It touches on issues of loyalty, betrayal, and government corruption.

I'm excited.
You're invited.