October 15th, 2008

Reading Report

Play reading, and discussion afterward, went well.

Our prior reading had a lot of typical audience member type people.  This reading was weighted more toward play directors, and so was interesting in different ways.

I do think I have a tweak or two or three to make still.  But I have to think about it and mull it over.  Or "process it" as one director said.

The actors were mostly doing "cold readings," where they perform while doing their own first reading of the play.

Even cold,
they did some clever things
that bowled me over.

Ethnic America

For book club, my wife led a lively discussion of Ethnic America: A History, by Thomas Sowell, a solid book from the eighties that adroitly explores the history of a big bunch of ethnic groups in the U.S., debunking myths left and right.

People of different races,
pouring in from divergent places,
arrived in humongous throngs
and somehow got along.