October 22nd, 2008

The Obesity Crisis Spreads

We just saw the biggest raccoon we'd ever seen.

He was sitting in the middle of an alley, just watching us.

By the light of the moon
we saw the raccoon -
he was hunkered down not far away.

He was monstrously big
liked a furry masked pig
and he eyed us as if he would say:

"Humans keep walking.
I don't need your stalking
or worrying how much I weigh."

No Wonder It Died Out

Today I was looking at an interesting book on learning Latin by reading excerpts from Ovid.

I saw the book was showing "ita" as the word for "yes". But elsewhere I have read that, strangely:
Latin has no simple words for the unqualified "yes" or "no" that is so common in English.... Saying yes or no takes a little thought in Latin.
In Latin, you can't "just say no".
Nor can you "just say yes".

You have to think before you express
that it is, or isn't, so.