October 26th, 2008

First Sighting

I saw some wild canines last night.  About a block from my house.

To me they looked like foxes.  Small.  A pair.  Under a street light.  One with a very bushy tail, and one with no tail at all.

A neighbor of mine said she spotted a coyote at the same place.  I imagine she saw the same critter I did.  I vote foxes.  But hey, we're both city folk, what do we know?

Whatever they were, I've never seen them around here before.

Maybe they were gray foxes, which are native to Illinois, and which can climb trees.

I thought that I would never see
a canine that could climb a tree.

All the squirrel in the area
are on notice: please bewarea.


"Christmas is coming. The geese are getting fat." Sure enough, they're all over the place. But we're not allowed to capture them and cook them.
Killing geese outside of hunting season, or outside of designated areas during hunting season, is a federal crime and may violate state and local laws as well.
They were near extinction in the 1940's. But now they're all over. And they are messy. Listen to this sad complaint:
I have been frequently going to a public beach that is infested with Canada geese poop. It is everywhere! There are a lot of children and families also at this beach.
Once they were an endangered species.
Now they fill our parks with feces?

Shame on  you, you naughty geeses!