November 2nd, 2008

Fugitive Privacy

Apparently Obama's aunt is classified legally as a "fugitive alien".

But the Homeland Security folks are worried that her privacy was violated when this fact was revealed.

From the Washington Post:
Federal privacy law restricts U.S. immigration agencies from disclosing information about citizens and permanent residents, and DHS policy similarly limits disclosures about the status of legal and illegal immigrants. Asylum-seekers are granted greater protection, because of the sensitive nature of their claims and the risks of retaliation.
Of course, she's neither a citizen not a "permanent resident".  

But she was an "asylum-seeker".  Just not an asylum-obtainer.

You can be ordered out by a judge,
but if you refuse to budge,
your privacy's protected.

And maybe you will never be ejected.


A female godwit, known to researchers as E7, has flown nonstop from Alaska to New Zealand.

That's 11,680k. 7,257 miles. On an 8 day trip.  Without water or food or rest.
Assessing the weather patterns in Alaska, the team also found that the godwits timed their departures to coincide with favorable tail winds that helped them fly south.
I too would want the wind at my back,
and maybe also a last minute snack.