November 3rd, 2008

A Vote For Barr

That's not my vote. We have a secret ballot, after all. I think that means I'm required to keep my vote secret. At least, in Illinois it's against the law to let someone else SEE how you voted.

But I was amused by Amy Alkon's explanation of why she was voting Libertarian:
I did it as a protest vote, as a way of saying I'm one of a growing number of people who thinks we need a third party in this country, and because I'm for libertarian values more than I am the values of the hand-your-money-to-the-poor, government-as-nanny Democrats, or the hand-your-money-to-the-rich religious nutter Republicans.
Make no mistake: Barr disgusts me, and I'm even more disgusted that, in of all years, the idiot Libertarians didn't get their shit together enough to put up a candidate who at least has the charisma of Palin or Obama. And who is a real libertarian, not just somebody who hitched his broken down wagon to the party as his apparently last resort.
With supporters like this,
is Barr feeling bliss?

Honor Among Thieves Overrated

Edward Vrdolyak, a.k.a. "Fast Eddie", a Chicago legend, today pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiracy to commit mail fraud .

His political career included rising to power as a Democratic alderman, then switching to the Republican party in an unsuccessful bid to seek higher office.  He is now 70.

He had a reputation as a smooth-talking, and very careful, "wheeler-dealer".

But a buddy ratted him out:
Levine, a longtime Vrdolyak friend, proved to be Vrdolyak's downfall. After Levine had been indicted twice, he began cooperating and secretly tape-recorded Vrdolyak discussing the kickback scheme from a few years earlier.
He went down in the end when his friend decided to squeal.
I guess Fast Eddie has cut his final deal.