November 4th, 2008

The Results Are (Not) In

Since I don't know who will win, I'm posting this in advance, to be applied in either case.

My fellow Americans, we have chosen a man with a remarkable personal story, but with little executive experience, and with a philosophic outlook that leaves me feeling unsettled.

But as David Mamet's fictional president recently declared, we are a nation of tinkerers. We like to experiment.  I don't think our experiments are always brilliantly conceived. But we do pay attention to the results - a habit which has often been our saving grace.

You're worried he might be a mope?
Nonetheless, take hope.
Don't get depressed by your fears.

If he's truly deranged
he'll likely get changed
in 4 years.

Notes From Obamaland

One of my co-workers, from the Hyde Park neighborhood, showed up first thing at her polling place and saw Obama go in to vote.

He got a big cheer from the waiting line when he came out.  She said that after he voted, the line moved much faster.  That Secret Service is so controlling and cautious.

I walked by the entrance to tonight's Obamafest, late this afternoon.  The crowd wasn't huge yet.  There were a couple of  lines of a few hundred happy people, I guess.  Right about 3:25 they started blaring the theme from Star Wars on a sound system.  Then they started letting people in.

The excitement was palpable.
The tickets were scalpable!

Except... your name is on the ticket and you have to show i.d.  Each ticket lists 1 person but admits 2.  So, basically, you could scalp the "guest" entrance.

I bet some guys were using their tickets as bait
to line up an otherwise unobtainable date.


Now that Obama has won without government financing, can we just plain get rid of it?

Let each foe
raise all his own dough!


As the Democrats huddle together to figure out their agenda, the Republicans are doing something else:

You may think the formation's odd,
but make a circular firing squad,
and blast away, assigning blame:
Ready!  Fire!  Aim!