November 11th, 2008

Or Maybe They Hated Funerals

So this 90 year old woman had 3 dead sibling in her house. In beds. Under blankets. Ick.

They died of natural causes. One at a time. Over the years. No foul play suspected.

A lot of people are looking for psychological, "how could she do it", explanations.

Me, I'm waiting to hear whether Social Security knew the people were dead.

If the government doesn't know you're deceased,
they keep sending checks all the same.

Which sometimes results in the fund being fleeced
when somebody else signs your name.

UPDATE: The police say there was no such fraud.


I donated double red.
Now I'm light in the head.

You can still donate the old-fashioned way - a pint (or so) of whole blood. The technology for that is straightfoward:

They drain
your vein.

This was a bit fancier, involving a centrifuge named ALYX:

Basically they spin it
separate what's in it,
take red till they've got enough
then give you back the other stuff.