November 13th, 2008

Awaiting Change

The president-in-waiting has been hanging out a block from where I work. Some of us are wishing he could be inaugurated early, just to get him out of Chicago. The extra fencing around his building is a pain for pedestrians. And the motorcade ties up traffic!

John McWhorter, meanwhile, offers a positive thought:
The studious black teen will no longer be tarred as "thinking he's white."
McWhorter, who is black, is surely the studious type.  So he may know whereof he speaks.

You can lose your forward motion
with self-defeating notions.

Defy the doom-laden dictum.
Decline to play the victim.


Walter Williams suggests an opposite angle:
Maybe the election of a black president will help white people over their guilt feelings so they can stop acting like fools in their relationships with black people.
There's hope for both sides
of the racial divide!