November 21st, 2008

You're Welcome

I noticed a sign today, at a place of business:

No Public Restroom
Thank You

I appreciate being thanked.  But... what was I being thanked for?

I guess it's simply an attitude
of pre-emptive gratitude.

Capital Idea

Quee Nelson suggests a thought experiment:
Just ask yourself: what would happen, really, seriously, if everybody suddenly became extremely charitable and voluntarily we all agreed to redistribute all the wealth of the world equally? What would happen?
Her answer is that the world would plunge into poverty on short notice. Because no one would be preserving capital for future production.
Capital means spinning wheels, tractors, sewing machines, water pumps, drill-presses, grain silos, conveyor belts, trucks, planes, ships, factories, and bags full of seed corn for next year's planting.
When munching on this year's grain
try to make sure that some remains
to be planted in the spring.

Otherwise fall will bring
empty fields
and a shortage of meals.