November 22nd, 2008

Troubles With Food

Reena Kapoor writes:
Everytime I hear American politicians drone on about the poor in America I start to wonder about how poor the poor in America really are. Perhaps this uncharitable train of thought is due to the fact I was raised in India where poverty - the real kind where you wonder where your next meal is coming from - abounds...
She then looks at some U.S. Census stats about the average poor person's living conditions.

Apparently by Indian standards, the poor here live pretty well.

Where poverty abounds,
hunger hounds the poor.

But in the U.S. we obsess and fret
about the growing obesity threat
which endangers the health
of those with low wealth.

Don't Dress For Dinner

Saw Don't Dress For Dinner, a modern French farce. The show was hilarious. The crowd loved it. It's still in previews, so I suppose it will only get funnier.

The male lead is played by Jeffrey Donovan, the guy who plays the hero on the Burn Notice TV show. Spencer Kayden, as the hired cook, frequently steals the show.

It's not a new play.  But this production had the look of a Broadway-bound revival, with expensive actors and no money spared on the set.

The playwright's most famous comedy, Boeing Boeing, seems to be running successfully on Broadway right now, and I believe "Don't Dress" is a many-years-later sequel, so the timing may be right.

A farce,
when well done,
is more than the sum
of its fast moving parts.