November 23rd, 2008

Turkey Complaints

The pardoning of turkeys is a time-honored form of silly publicity gathering. Every year, governors and the president pardon turkeys around Thanksgiving.

But not all are pardoned. Only a few.
The rest get eaten by me and you.

Well, you're exempted from that last line if you're a vegetarian.

The governor of our 49th state got a huge wave of bad press because - after pardoning a bird - she was interviewed with a couple of other birds being drained of their blood in the background of the video.

Major media clucked at her over allowing TV viewers to see the process by which a living organism becomes meat.

Eric at Classical Values has a round-up, and he reveals a shocking picture of Obama chomping into some chicken:
Imagine. Not only was that animal slaughtered while still alive, but its dead body was then severed into pieces, with the flesh on one of its legs finally torn apart by the teeth of a man who then swallowed it -- the latter in full view of reporters and photographers. And after all of that, he was elected president.
Somehow the media chose not to howl
over the foul play done to that fowl.