November 29th, 2008

Murderers in Mumbai

The Indians seem to have finally squelched that latest terrorist attack in Mumbai.

When I was a kid, the peace movement had a slogan.  "What if they held a war and nobody came?" You saw it on posters, usually decorated with flowers.

The problem is that your enemies
may deliver war where they please.

Romantic Role Models

Obama isn't just going to help out our political situation. He is going to help our love lives too. At least, that's what some say:
The Obamas represent a welcome change as an openly affectionate and romantic couple for many Americans. Some experts say that the soon-to-be first couple embody the ideal healthy relationship, and that they can stir up love around the country. The New York Daily News even predicted a baby boom attributed to election night friskiness inspired by the Obamas.
Let the Obama baby boom
spread through-out the nation.

All those families will need more room -
ending real estate stagnation!

Of course, I'm not sure blue state folk
will be so gosh-darned amorous.

They may find this notion an overblown joke
rather than truly glamorous.