November 30th, 2008

More on the Love of the Obamas

The Chicago Tribune has its own story about the Obamas' love:
The Obamas' unabashed affection for each other suggests they could become the one of the most engaging sets of lovebirds in White House history. Though the home has known many deeply committed couples (as well as some infamously uncommitted), few were as young, attractive or willing to put their passion on public display.
Did public displays of affection
help to win the election?

The Trib does balance the story by reporting on public statements they have both made about tensions in the marriage. But they conclude:
Talk and trade-offs appear to have mended that rift.
Did public reports of negotiation
help to win over this war-weary nation?

Historic Moment, Revised

The Washington Post ran a story today arguing that Obama is not actually black, since he's half-white.
To me, as to increasing numbers of mixed-race people, Barack Obama is not our first black president.
I guess that'll have to wait
for some future date.

UPDATE: If you're interested in the niceties of genetic history, here are some estimates on "How White Are Blacks, How Black Are Whites?"

There's a mention of Asians and Native Americans in connection with Tiger Woods.

Speaking of Rights

Gen LaGreca has a posted a rousing article about individual rights, and the necessity of invoking them when arguing for liberty.

Among her recommendations:
Reason with Moral Principles, Not Just Practicality
I think that's right. Counter-arguments about practicality often have the air of conceding your opponent's moral point of view. Your opponent ends up looking like the "do the right thing" idealist, and you end up looking like the "let's be practical" realist. When this happens, you have been positioned into a dangerous slot.

Speaking only of what is and isn't practical,
makes you sound unstrategic... merely tactical.