December 24th, 2008


Daughter's flight, which was due at seven
still wasn't here at half past eleven.

It finally got here at half past one,
but our waiting wasn't done.

Her baggage took an hour to appear.
Finally, now, at last, she's here.

Scandal Response

Here's an article claiming to present "Obama's Five Rules of Scandal Response."

Wow. It's good he's worked out rules so quickly. Because if cascading scandals appear, he's ready!

But I want to look at just the first one: "Be transparent, to an extent."

So, to an extent transparent, and to an extent... the opposite.

Is it half transparent,
or half opaque?

It's not apparent
what difference it makes.

Think Journal Debuts

The debut issue of Think Journal is out. It's actually a small literary magazine, with poems, some fiction, and some articles. The founder is Christine Yurick, who seems full of energy.

The journal doesn't seem to have much web presence yet, although it has a listing on this page.

I've got an article in it, "A Poem, To Be, Must Mean."

By titling this way I mean to disagree
with a famous work of poetry
which concludes "a poem should not mean, but be."

Christmas Reminiscing

I was in choir, and we would sing at Midnight Mass, which was always great fun because we got to sing carols as well as the normal parts of the mass like the "Kyrie." Then I would come home and help my mother put gifts under the tree for my younger brothers and sisters. Sometimes I would help my father do the "some assembly required" thing - which usually led to him cursing at the cryptic instructions.

I always liked the story of Christmas better than the story of Easter. Christmas is a story about being happy about a baby being born. Easter is a story of grisly death and mysterious resurrection.

I found the baby thing easier to relate to.

New babies appear
with great regularity.

Resurrections, it's clear,
are more of a rarity.