December 29th, 2008

The Impending End Of Everything

My friend homeschools. In part, to protect her daughters from doomsayers of all stripes. But, homeschooled children actually get out and about quite a bit. So my friend still ends up having to comfort a frightened child.

The old way was to tell the kids that they would go to hell some day.

The new way is to tell the kids that global warming's here to stay,
and everyone will boil to death before the next few years are out.

They pour their fear in children's ears.  It makes me mad enough to shout.

More on the "Magic Negro" Story

I had forgotten that it was an L.A. Times opinion piece that started the characterization of Obama as a "Magic Negro."

But the piece was by an African American author, so use of the word "negro" was okay. I know of his racial identification because he spelled it out:
Speaking as an African American whose last name has led to his racial "credentials" being challenged — often several times a day — I know how pesky this sort of thing can be.
I dream of a day when we won't be so deferential
to racial credentials.