April 12th, 2017

Doc Dragged Off Jet

I am entranced by the video of the doc being dragged, bloody and belly-exposed, off the United Jet.

It seems, to me
To hold a mystery.

To start with, why does he let out that strange wail as soon as the cop reaches for him? If it happened like that on stage, I would say it was unrealistic.

To middle with, how exactly does his face get bloody? Has the cop purposely banged his head, or was it some kind of stupid accident? There was a very early announcement from the Chicago Police Department that said the man had "fallen". But it turns out that wasn't an "official" announcement. And the cop in question works for the Aviation Department, not the Police Department. Anyway, we've heard nothing directly from the cop who pulled him out of the seat. He's on leave.

To end with, how does he end up on the plane again, after he has been dragged off, still bleeding, saying something about "Please kill me."?

I have no explanation. But I want one!

This strange airplane eviction,
In which his face got cracked,
Would not work well as fiction,
But there it is, in fact.