January 8th, 2018

Weekend in the Twin Cities

I'm guessing I doubled or tripled my lifetime "driving over the Mississippi" tally.

Saw the art museum, which is worth a visit, particularly for all the Asian art they have out, including some rooms that give you a sense of what the architecture ends up feeling like on the inside.

Yes, it was colder than Chicago. It's about 400 miles northwest of here, so that figures.

I didn't see any really bad parts of town. I like the alliteration of "mean streets of Minneapolis," but I kept finding nice streets. Which I think goes along with the typical Chicagoan impression that Minneapolis is a more wholesome.

The Mississipi starts as a trickle
Flowing out of Lake Itasca.
But it's already at St. Paul.
So how is that, I ask ya?

Not That Marathon

I've been idly pondering what my main autumn marathon should be this year, and I was thinking about the Des Plaines River Trail marathon, which gets abbreviated as DPR Trail Marathon, and I googled DPR marathon, and I was wondering why the heck I was seeing ads for a marathon in PYONGYANG, wherever THAT was...

Oh, it's the capital of North Korea. And the search engine saw DPR and thought maybe I had in mind the DPRK - Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Yipes. They have a marathon in April.

Well, I've never been to that country.

I shall continue that trend.
I plan to not attend.