January 21st, 2018

Exit Blues

There is no 22nd Street in Chicago. We had such a street, but it was renamed to Cermak Road, many decades ago.

Even though there's no 22nd Street, there's a big exit on interstate 94 which is labeled... 22nd Street.

'“They’re misleading the public onto a street that’s not there,” said Bahnsen of the Dan Ryan signs. He said out-of-towners can get confused if they take the 22nd Street exit and find that they are on Cermak.
In response, IDOT spokeswoman Gianna Urgo said there are two exits from the northbound Dan Ryan to Cermak, and so two names are used.'

We have no 22nd street.
Just an exit with that name.
They have two exits for Cermak,
But don't want to call them the same.

If you're driving on I-94
It helps you know your history.
Otherwise this exit
Will lead you into mystery.