April 24th, 2018

Woulda Never

On the train yesterday I heard a woman say “woulda never did that”. She said it twice. It got me thinking because I woulda never said that. I’ll say woulda for would have, but I wouldn’t say did there, and I wouldn’t put the never between the woulda and the done.

I never woulda done that.

That’s the closest I would come in my own habitual grammar.

I would never have done that.

I’d say that, too. But never would I generate:

I would have never done that.

I leave aside the did/done issue.

The linguists love to inform us that everybody has a grammar of some sort, but I wish I understood hers well enough to write a character who speaks that way.

There are forms of English grammar
Which I readily understand
But which I have failed to master -
They don’t rise at my command.