June 17th, 2018

First World Third Place Problems

I did a fun triathlon this morning. They actually let me sign up on Saturday for a triathlon Sunday. Which was great for my procrastinating self. Except, somehow the late signer-uppers didn't have a prepared race-packet at packet-pickup. There was a special procedure for us. Which went wrong somehow. I believe they began by giving me the wrong bib number - giving me somebody else's number. So that at the end of the race, on the computer, when I entered my bib number, I saw my time with a 35-year-old's name.

I tried to get the timing people to correct this. They said they did. But somehow I ended up with my first name misspelled, and still 35 years old. Which put my results in the Male 35-39 age group.

I think - think, mind you - that I took third place in my age group. Just barely. Out of 4 guys in my age group.

This is deeply into the realm of first world problems. In retrospect, I'm thinking I shouldn't have bothered trying to get this straightened out. I probably could have left the race an hour earlier!

It's very flattering, I must say,
When all the hair I have is gray,
To be mis-classified this way.