June 23rd, 2018

La Comedia

I have to say that Dante's famous work
Is somewhat short on Comedy in fact.
I hesitate to slam him as a jerk,
But damning old foes is his favorite act.
Well, maybe not his favorite. He does love
A former girlfriend, who can still attract
His heart below the earth and then above.

Ciardi's Couplet

I've been reading the Ciardi translation of the Divine Comedy, and there's a 2-line poem I remembered as being Ciardi's. I had a read it in a book at a bookstore, I think, and it had stuck in my memory. But I hadn't verified it for a long time. Well, Google came through today, and here's the whole poem. I didn't recall the title at all, and I was unsure of the punctuation, but the words are just as I remembered them.

Dawn of the Space Age

First a monkey, then a man.
Just the way the world began.

I love that little poem. One of the many things I like about it, is its positive attitude about the space age. The intellectuals and artists at the time were mostly looking down their noses at the space age, when they should have been looking up at the worlds of possibility.