December 26th, 2018


Monday night we saw Aquaman with one of my wife's brothers. I can't say I was crazy about it, but it wasn't bad. I'm just a bit jaded about giant CGI battle scenes. I like them, but in somewhat smaller doses, I guess, than the average movie-goer.

Aquaman is about an individual, scorned as an illegitimate half-breed, who becomes the ruler of Atlantis. I was thinking of telling people that it was a metaphor for Trump. But they might take me seriously. I suppose I could also argue that it was a metaphor for Obama. Butm again, someone might take me seriously.

But seriously, there's great appeal, at times, in putting an outsider in charge. I suppose that was actually going on with both Obama and Trump.

Under the sea
Or up on the land
The powers-that-be
Can get out of hand.

Diplomacy Was Not

Diplomacy was not her strongest suit.
Her strongest suit was grasping the essential.
She’d lay the facts out with a sort of brute
Display of logic, taut and consequential.
And if you did not like it, you were free
To figure out a way to disagree
But sometimes you would find your dreams were haunted
By her conclusions, proven but unwanted.

Diplomacy is not the highest art.
It leaves the mind bedazzled but unsure
Exactly what was in the speaker’s heart.
Was it pure gold or was it just manure?
She told the truth she saw, from where she stood,
Believing that its power was for the good,
And while it sometimes meant she lost a friend
She lived for real, not having to pretend.