November 5th, 2021

Living in the Future

The first one, Sputnik, went up when I was five,
But now they swarm in flocks far overhead
A vast array, a net around the earth.
And here I am, observing, still alive,
Arrived into a future not imagined -
No flying cars, but cell phones that are worth
More than the sums that used to ransom kings.
This is a time of strange and beautiful things.

Half Awake

Alarm went off, but Marsha did not stir.
Quietly I arose and hit the button,
And carefully I climbed back into bed.
She must be tired - no motion or sound from her.
Glanced at my phone for news, but I found nothing,
At least nothing big, so I got up instead,
And flipped the light. A mystery cleared without warning.
Marsha is still in California this morning.