November 14th, 2021

Politicized Biology

Biology has been complicated needlessly,
Reportedly through evolution.
The Soviets simplified it heedlessly
After their revolution.
Lysenko had theories of botany
He said would grow more food.
Results? He hadn’t got any.
The masses were thoroughly screwed.


My father owned the house for fifty years,
And all those fifty years I had a key.
New people live there now, and it appears
They love the place. That’s gratifying to me.
But still at times I feel the house is mine.
The empty garbage bins - I want to haul
Them up the drive. I leave them there. It’s fine.
The chores belong to them. Not mine at all.
Most days I walk by twice, it’s on the way
To where I catch the train. I feel its presence
More than I see it, as my memories play
On automatic - mostly rather pleasant.
I have an edifice complex. That’s a pun.
I carry it with me, as a dutiful son.