john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Hula Hoop Signs

In my neighborhood, there are lots of kids, and a fair number of those wordless, iconic "children playing" signs. The city-issue signs feature a round-headed gender-neutral child chasing a ball.

All well and good.

But humorous sign modification is afoot. Someone is putting a big decal up on the signs. The decal makes it look like the round-headed child has a spinning hula hoop around his waist as he chases the ball.

From a distance, you can't tell it's a decal. It's just a big black hula hoop, complete with those little "motion lines" beloved of comic strip artists.

I have no idea who is doing this. I do find it highly amusing.

I found a website that shows a picture from Virginia Tech that is similar, although rather than a "children playing" sign it looks like a "pedestrian crossing" sign. View it here:

So apparently it's a national movement. Or maybe a form of international pranksterism.

The whole thing recalls to my mind the Hula Hoop Craze of the late fifties. You can read about that here:

Here's the other odd thing: I keep pointing it out to neighbors, and so far no one I have talked to has noticed it beforehand. It's funny how the mind works at times. Obviously they have seen the signs. They just didn't look too closely. Somebody else must have noticed, but I haven't talked with them yet.

Rhyme of the day:

He hula-hoops while he chases a ball.
What a kid. He does it all.

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