john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

late night computer work

I was up till 1am last night, getting this computer to work. It's not mine, but I have been fixing it. Posting here is part of my test drive to shake any bugs out.

I thought about posting something last night. But no coherent thoughts came to me.

My wife shakes her head sometimes and asks me if I don't get tired, ever, of staring at computer screens. She sees me come home from work and jump on my home computer. It is kind of odd, I suppose.

But it's not odd for someone who likes to program.

I have noticed, over the years, that there are lots of people who CAN program, but not so many who actually like to do it, day in, day out.

The big issue is the sheer tediousness of the work. At least, that's how most people see it.

Rhyme of the day:

The tedium
of the medium
drives many
to do any-
thing but slave away
at code all day.

There's another issue, that sometimes afflicts people who can deal with the nit-picky detailed tedium. This is more of an optimism/pessimism issue. Some people are just crushed when their program has a bug, and they become afflicted with a pessimistic feeling that they are failures and the bug will never be found. This is seriously hard on the old ego. It can lead to coder burn-out.

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