john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Beauty with Wings

I'm back to reading Alexandra York's novel, CROSSPOINTS. The romantic triangle has gotten very acute indeed as of page 327.

For me, the novel has some compelling emotional scenes. I notice that one of the things I'm responding to is the author's righteous rebellion against the purposely ugly and ungainly. Today's artists put so many hideous things in front of us. Well, I guess it's the purchasers who put them in front of us - all those corporate boards and government committees that decide what sculptures will adorn the city's streets.

There is a building in Chicago, a new building, that bucks the trend beautifully. It's called the Bank One Center, at least for now. Anyway, in their lobby, they have a full size cast reproduction of the Winged Victory from the Louvre. But it is gilded - painted gold. It's a feast for my eyes every time I walk by the building on Dearborn Street.

Here is a photo:

There is a photo of the original, and a bunch of info, here:

Rhyme of the day:

I give thanks
To the bank's
Good taste
In gracing
This place.

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