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O'Reilly vs. Moore

The other night on the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News, O'Reilly replayed an old on-the-air exchange between him and Michael Moore, the populist director of Fahrenheit 911.

Here's a snippet I found from it:

In the snippet, you see Moore deflect the ideological point about capitalism.

O'Reilly replayed the exchange because Moore has been telling people that O'Reilly banned him from the show because Moore had cut him to ribbons previously.

If you read this article, you begin to get the idea that Moore exaggerates how much people ban him:

But his problem with the truth is not what I wanted to talk about. What struck me about his exchange with O'Reilly was how Moore went straight for the altruism issue. He asked O'Reilly, a conservative, whether or not he believed we had a responsibility to help the poor and suffering. [Not an exact quote.] Of course, O'Reilly has to say YES, he does think we have such a responsibility. It's central to the Judaeo-Christian heritage, isn't it? O'Reilly's counter-argument is that we have such a responsibility, but that it should be a matter of free individual choice how and whether the responsibility is implemented, since we have a capitalist system. This is what leads to the first snippet quoted above.

Yeah, Moore went straight for the altruism card, and O'Reilly just played along. It was sad. Capitalism deserves a better defense.

Here is a guy who is playing Moore's game on Moore himself. He is filming himself trying to get Moore to sit down and be interviewed for a movie. It seems Moore refuses to do that. What a laugh! He seems to be a libertarian rather than a conservative:

Rhyme of the day:

I'll say it now, as I have before:
I want to see much less of Moore.

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