john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Arguing over the definition of Art

I gave my little Participant Sponsored Session talk here at ObjectiFest. Isn't that a mouthful? "Participant Sponsored Session" is just too hard to say. I was thinking of maybe using PSS as an abbreviation. But I feared how that acronym would be pronounced. So my suggestion is to use PaSS. Even ParSS would be fine. Just not PSS.

In my PaSS, I talked about recent debates about Rand's definition of art. I have my opinions, of course, but my purpose was to lay out the discussion. Of course, I did do some editorializing. The talk wasn't intended to be especially entertaining, but somehow it did turn out that way, partly because relevant little jokes and smart remarks kept suggesting themselves to me as I presented the material.

Rhyme of the day:

It's nice when jokes
Instead of being planned
Just appear

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